His Secret Obsession – Make Him Want You So Bad

Oftentimes, a relationship fails, and we end crying over everything that went wrong. Most of us resort to blaming ourselves and pondering over what should have had happened. Yes, it is not mentally healthy to go over every situation that may have lead to your demise. However, there could be some truth to that, and this book signifies it.

Don’t you just wish that your man centered his attention towards you without having to try hard? To most people, this sounds like an absurd idea. If only the real world came with the existence of magic love potions, relationships would be so much better, if not ideal.

In reality, winning your loved one back involves more than just mere efforts. Keeping a relationship alive is very difficult. The spark in the chemistry between two partners tends to fade away as the relationship progresses.

So how do you keep him coming?

Experimenting with sexual kinks is one way you can spice up intimacy. However, even this can only last a certain time and diminish. Keep in mind; there are only so many kinks you can try. I tried everything to re-ignite the fire in my partner’s heart. Nevertheless, nothing seemed to work until I came across an emphatic tool, “His Secret Obsession.”

Believe it not – this wonderful guide allows you to tap into the depths of a man’s mind. It unravels their deepest desires and shows you how little changes can make a huge difference. I had no idea about the primal instincts of a man until I read “His Secret Obsession.”

What is the Product?

His Secret Obsession is a relationship guide that helps improve and enhance the connection between two partners. It gives you a reality check on the dynamics of love. Furthermore, it also shows you how simple behavioral changes increase your man’s interest in you. Most of the content in this guide focuses on triggering your partner’s “Hero Instinct.” By doing so, you can attain total devotion and commitment from your loved one.

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“The Hero Instinct”

After reading this compilation, I am truly convinced that finding ways to trigger the Hero instinct is the key to becoming desirable in my boyfriend’s eyes. Being wary of the “Hero Instinct” trigger allows you to become the most infatuated passion of your partner.

The Hero Instinct is a biological trigger that motivates a man to love their partner. If a man is in a relationship that does not evoke this instinctive drive, then it is likely that they experience a missing void. Regardless of how in love with you he is, if you do not fill this void, the relationship will probably fail.

On the other hand, if you prevent this void from occurring in the first place, your man will go head over heels for you. They will do everything in their power to keep you satisfied and happy. This instinct is hard-wired in the subconscious of a man. Hence, he will not even realize your conscious efforts of triggering it. It is unlike any other temptation of the world, such as sex, money, or power.

At first, I found it very hard to trigger the hero instinct almost instantly. Then, I realized that there are no hard and fast methods to trigger a hero instinct drive. You just have to wait and let the opportunity present itself. Once I understood the “Hero Instinct” with clarity, I could easily trigger it with even a simple text.

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The Essence of the “Hero Instinct”

Men have a primal need to be the dominant sex. Throughout history, men have always been the protectors and fighters between the two genders. Hence, the “hero instinct” corresponds with the primal drive to protect the opposite gender.

Triggering this instinct compels your partner to act and take control of a given situation. The void refers to the obsession of a man to make things right for their partner. Consequently, by putting a man in control of a situation and be the dominating force, you can trigger the “hero instinct.”

This is more complicated than it sounds. After acquiring this E-book, I found out about the many complexities within the Hero Instincts and the many different ways you can trigger it. However, in its true essence, the hero instinct will create a sense of urgency to stay with you forever.

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What Does the Book Contain?

This book dives down into the scientifically proven facts about a man’s psychology. It provides you with well-researched and rational methods of captivating your partner’s mind. It also provides you with ways to approach certain situations. Hence, using these tricks, you can enter into your man’s mind and understand his subconscious desires; you can have him craving for your existence.

To sum it up, the author has covered all the important points in this book that makes your boyfriend want you more. Therefore, this book is a must-read if you want your partner to share an everlasting love for you. If you systematically follow the signals in this book, I can assure you that your significant other will share a deep sense of attraction towards you and provide you with all the affection in the world.

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Who is James Bauer?

The author of this book is James Bauer. A relationship coach by profession, he has written three bestselling books on how to improve relationships. He is an individual who is fascinated with human behavior and its correlation to post-marital and pre-marital bonds. He also works as a private relationship consultant for clients across the US.

His efforts strive to uncover the romantic experiences of a man. By studying the psychology of a man’s mind, he helps women become incredibly irresistible for their partners. Whether it is rekindling a long-drawn-out relationship or finding the spark to start a new one, James Bauer has the expertise to help you out on both occasions.

Most of James May’s work revolves around the following ideas:

  • The qualities men look for before they consider tying the knot with you.
  • How to trigger an involuntary response from your partner that forces him to take care of you before doing anything else
  • You do not have to make a man want you. On the contrary, your behavior and subtle signals can automatically pull a person towards you.
  • Avoiding the things that make you unattractive in the eyes of your loved one.

Lastly, most of James Bauer’s work focuses on adopting the qualities that let you stay true to yourself.

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How does it Work?

Let us look at some of the phrases and signals that the author discusses and how they can work in making you irresistible.

The Glimpse Phrase

This glimpse phrase refers to sharing a glimpse of your true personality with your partner. By applying this signal, you not only embrace your inner beauty but also highlight your authentic self to your partner. By giving him a sense of your true self, your loved one starts to appreciate your confidence and charisma. When he sees you sparkling under the comfort of your skin, he will soon come to realize the beauty that he is letting go of.

The Fascination Signal

This signal intends to create your worth in the partner’s eyes. It discourages you from showing excessive interest in your partner. This signal helped me a lot; I was able to re-ignite the fire inside my boyfriend’s heart. Additionally, this signal helped me leave a sense of curiosity in my partner’s heart, and I could see his eyes light up whenever he was around me.

Ultimately, the fascination signal keeps your partner coming for more. The whole idea of fascination is to create a mystical idea of yourself by not giving in too much. Once I started keeping some part of my life a secret, my partner intended on finding out more. As a result, my boyfriend started taking more interest in my life.

Silent Action Signals

The silent action signal is a way of triggering the “Hero Instinct” in a man without even speaking a single word. By mastering the subtle non-verbal cues of this signal, you can undeniably become the most attractive woman in the room.

These signals create a tunneling effect for your partner and gravitate him towards you in an unequivocal manner. Once I started implementing the silent action signals, I noticed that my boyfriend could not get his eyes of off me.

“I Owe You “Signal

This invokes the core of the hero instinct aspect. By simply stating that you owe your partner, you give a feeling that he is the only person that will help you. This helps you place responsibility on your partner. The author emphasizes this signal and explains that it will make your partner trust you even more.

These are just some of the many methods that this E-book contains. I found all of them very useful in triggering the “hero instinct” in a man

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How is My Experience Using The Secret Obsession?

After reading this, it was surprising to find out how much of a man’s primal instincts influence their desires, actions, and thought process. Astoundingly enough, this instinctive drive applies to all men around the world. This ultimately makes this guide universally applicable.

My relationship was going towards a disastrous end. I was helpless and almost gave up hope. My boyfriend stopped showing interest in me. Thankfully, while hopelessly browsing for answers, I stumbled upon the E-book, “His secret obsession.”

This was nothing less than a miracle. I asked around, and a friend of mine validated this book for me. I was never someone that trusts a book off the internet. However, this was the best decision of my life. It helped me regain the love of my life and start a new chapter altogether.

With the help of this book, I channeled to my boyfriend’s mind and left subtle yet impactful cues that made him crave for me in the best ways possible. I could not be more grateful for the author. In a way, he enriched me with an extensive understanding of my partner’s primal drive.

Equipped with this crucial knowledge, I know exactly about the right decisions to make, not only in terms of actions but also, more importantly, in my choice of words.

Wining a man’s attention is easy; however, keeping his interest intact towards you is the tricky bit. James Bauer has made careful and experienced analyses with deep psychological and scientific backing. I believe this guide can help thousands of people around the world sustain a healthy relationship that embraces commitment.

“Biological drive will easily overpower intentions.”

This is an interesting and important lesson that I took away from this book. The biological triggers for sex, hunger, or thirst are something innate to a man. Hence, desires such as these are the most difficult to control. Even though intentional efforts may help one to look past their biological response and somehow resist the urge to act on it, the truth of the matter is that people will lose to their biological needs one-day or the other.

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Who is it for?

In my experience, this E-book helped me a lot because I had a long relationship that needed a spark. Thus, if you are someone that vaguely shares the same problem as mine, then you should try it.

On the other hand, if you are a woman who is adamant about achieving eternal love, you should also invest in this book. His Secret Obsession trains you to be the ideal woman for any man in the world. It gives you the power to adopt irresistible qualities.

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How much does it cost?

If you hurry up, you can purchase this book at an unbelievably low cost. This is because it is on a 76% discount. The one-time price after the discount will cost you about only 47 dollars. In this way, you can save about 150 dollars.

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Final Verdict

I believe that “His Secret Obsession” is the ultimate guide to attaining never-ending love from your partner. The tips, phrases, and signals in this book not only make you desirable but also elevate your inner beauty.

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What People Say About The Secret Obsession

Your His Secret Obsession course is AMAZING – one afternoon of solid listening, I’ve put it into practice and the effects are phenomenal! You truly have saved our relationship and, while it is only a week later, we are already going from strength to strength. And we both see a wonderful future ahead of us. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Best investment ever!!!

Claudia H.

Thank you James!

I found reading His Secret Obsession very inspiring in helping me to understand my husband and has help me to overcome many anger issues I have had with him for what he did to me and our marriage 26 years ago.

I have found peace with your readings too and I find all your blogs very helpful and useful.

I will be forever grateful to you for sharing your works with not only me but for all the other wives, girlfriends and women who read your works.

I thank you for saving my marriage!


Your research and advice was invaluable.

My boyfriend has changed from being distant and too busy to see me – and now the opposite is true.

I kept being patient for ages. Then I read the section about not bottling it all up, fuming inside. Instead I told him by text how I felt – in a nice way, full of compliments.

He immediately asked to see me, he couldn’t wait!

We had a lovely time, and I listened well, talked a bit, following your guidance on the power and beauty of silence.

I could write a lot more, but for now, I just want to say thank you, thank you x 100!


I’m 64 years old. Most likely a bit older than most of the people who read this blog (I’m so old I’m not even sure if it’s called a blog!

I was constantly searching for love. I was sure something was wrong with me because I could never find it. I was always falling for the wrong man. I found physical and emotional abusers. If I loved them they didn’t love me. And if they loved me I didn’t love them. Looking back now, I know I stunk of desperation.

And I was looking so hard that I ignored red flags and saw things in men that weren’t really there. I didn’t marry until I was 33 years old. I stayed in a bad marriage longer than I should have —-17 years —- and I’ve been divorced for going on 14 years. It took me until I was 63 years old to find the man I’ve been searching for all of my life and he just asked me to marry him this past Christmas.

Looking back now, I wish I had just relaxed and enjoyed my footloose and fancy free 20’s, instead of struggling so hard to find love and marriage. And I didn’t learn anything from my disastrous marriage. I laid low for more than 10 years, afraid of getting burned again, then fell into the same pattern of desperation, even more fearful than before because I believed I was too old and it was too late for me to ever find love.

Then I discovered this blog. The wise words of James Bauer have been a godsend for me. I finally learned to play it smarter, relaxed and turned it over to God. And guess what! Love found me!

I know this message is long and most people won’t have the patience to read all the way through it. It I hope enough people read this last —-

Be patient. Let go of the desperation. Read this blog. Take the free advice that is given here and maybe even buy a lesson or two. And maybe you’ll find the man you’ve been looking for all of your life. And chances are much better, thanks to the advice given here, you won’t blow it.

Best of luck.

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